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Welcome to the personal webpage of Aditya Singh

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Some Useful links

Starting to Learn Coding

CS50 is a nice introductory course by Harvard which will give you a first hand overview of the many aspects of computer science.

How to create a user web page like this

  1. Connect into IITD VPN if you're not on campus. Make sure to latest version of OpenVPN Connect client
  2. Connect to your CSC machine using SSH. Go to your terminal (bash/zsh/command prompt) and enter command in format ssh ee1200461@ssh1.iitd.ac.in where you replace ee1200461 with your own kerberos id. Accept all certificates, and then type in your password and press enter.
  3. Create a private_html folder in your home (~) directory
    cd ~
    mkdir private_html
    cd private_html
  4. Create a file index.html in that folder, this, by default will be your home page when someone hits your website. You can explore more details here.
    touch index.html
    vim index.html
    	<title>My Home Page</title>
    	Hello World!
  5. Congrats! You have created your user web page! This will be accessible inside the campus network as well as through IITD VPN. You can learn further about HTML or PHP to see what all you can do! Do share your ideas and your webpage with me :)

Decluttering webmail using folders and filters

Is your webmail cluttered with a thousand emails and it gets hard to find the important ones? You can create filters to organise your webmail and sort out the emails into folders according to their purpose, increasing your productivity.

Identify First of all, you need to think which kind of emails do you want to filter, let's say you want to filter out all the course related announcements. Observe that they are sent to emails like ell101@courses.iitd.ac.in, MTL101A@courses.iitd.ac.in etc.

Create the folder Login to https://webmail.iitd.ac.in/roundcube/ and then click on the Settings icon in the left menu pane. Click on the option for Folders, and then on the icon for Create, then name it accordingly (Let's say we name it "Courses" for now), select the parent folder if you want it to appear nested inside it and then save.

Create the filter Click on the Filters icon, then in the Filter: dropdown, select To, in Contains write @courses.iitd.ac.in, let the Check folder: be Inbox, set Move to: to the folder you just created (Courses). Tick Do not apply other rules: so it does not mess up with other filters later. Save

Now open your inbox, the messages will move according to the filter (might be a slow for the first time).

The folders will also reflect on your mobile app and desktop email client.

You can explore other filter settings and create more to organise your inbox.